The ‘Ups’ and ‘Downs’ of Elevator Usage!

As spaces get smaller and buildings get taller, the ‘Elevator’ or ‘Lift’ has become part and parcel of our everyday routine. Many of us prefer to have the Elevator all to ourselves. However, most times, we share this small cramped space with others.

There are many unwritten guidelines on the appropriate usage of Elevators and here are my top 10:

  1. Be thoughtful: In busy buildings, where the Elevator is used frequently, use the stairs rather than the Elevator to travel between one or two floors if physically able to do so.
  2. Time is money: Calling a busy Elevator to the ground floor and getting off on the first floor wastes precious time and creates a poor impression for others in the cabin. Also, pushing the ‘call’ button and leaving if the Elevator does not come right away is inconsiderate. People traveling inside get stopped on a floor that does not have anyone waiting to get on.
  3. Wait your turn: Allow those who want to leave the Elevator to do so first before getting on.
  4. Wait to one side: Don’t stand right in front of the Elevator door, blocking the exit pathway. Waiting on one side creates enough space to allow the people getting off the Elevator to walk away comfortably.
  5. Punch only once: Punching the elevator buttons several times does not make the Elevator work any faster. Push the button once and allow the Elevator to do its job.
  6. Face the Elevator door: Always stand directly facing the Elevator doors when inside. Do not stand sideways or face other passengers. The proper place to gaze is forward or upward towards the lights which indicate the floor.
  7. Keep conversations to minimum: Most Elevator conversations should be kept to minimum and be of a very general nature. Speaking audibly on a mobile phone in an occupied Elevator is discomforting for others in the cabin as they are compelled to listen on your conversation.
  8. Be helpful: If you are the person standing nearest and others getting on cannot reach them, politely ask them which floor they are going to.
  9. Be considerate: Wait and use an empty Elevator carriage if you are unwell or coughing and sneezing uncontrollably.
  10. Be alert: Ensure that the floor the elevator stops on is yours. Leaving the Elevator on an undesired floor and then darting back inconveniences others and makes you look silly.

After spending a good deal of time in Elevators for several years, it has occurred to me that these guidelines for Elevator usage must be habitually practiced in order to ensure everybody’s ride is a pleasurable experience.

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